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When considering to go for leather furniture, Destination Furniture covers it all for you. Being in business for over a decade, Destination Furniture excels in providing top quality leather furniture in Burlington as well as leather furniture in Hamilton and leather furniture in Mississauga. Partnering with some of the top brands in Canada, Destination Furniture ensures that you receive the top in class, and for that they take high precision in each and every step of the process their furniture goes through. Be it the frame of the furniture, the seating support or the type of leather, each and every factor is equally scrutinized to get the best durability. Below are the five criteria that need to be considered when determining the quality of leather furniture.

Leather Textures

The look and the feel of the leather is very important when considering the type. If you want to give your couch a luxurious look, go for soft, matte leather. If you are concerned about the wear and tear, go for top-grain leather, as it is sanded and applied with a finish coat which gives it increased protection against scratches and stains. Vinyl can be used in combination with leather on the sides and the back to reduce cost, however it wears out faster than leather reducing the life of the furniture.


Another vital part of leather furniture is actually the dye used on the leather. This is what gives it the look that you desire on your living room couch or your bedroom furniture. There are three types of dyes available.

Pigmented leather

This is the cheapest as it only treats the surface of the leather, however a protective coating is mixed with the dye so it is durable. It also gives an artificial feel so people might not associate it with high quality.

Protected Analine

This dye is soaked into the leather completely in a drum, so gives a much better look and feel. Protected analine has a sealant coating to prevent staining but this makes it a little stiff.

Untreated Analine

This is the ideal quality we desire, with the agile and soft feel exuberating luxuriousness.


The type of wood used in the frame and the quality of construction matter as much as the leather itself as we wouldn’t want our couch to squeak once someone sits on it. Using kiln-dried hardwood for the frame, tempered steel for coils and extra blocks for corners, all contribute towards sturdy furniture.




Ensuring that the leather is smoothly spread over the surface of the furniture is also very important as that is actually what gives it the grace and the look. Good stitching always entails that the leather pieces are tightly stitched with no tattering.


Selecting the right padding in the furniture is also equally important if you are interested in comfort as much as the feel. In simple words, the padding should be high density i.e. it should be able to withstand permanent compressing while camouflaging the frame of the furniture at the same time. Leather usually outlasts padding so this is also ensured that it can be changed without cutting the leather.

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