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Canadians enjoy every season with great enthusiasm. Spring and summer season is great for families and individuals to enjoy sun, garden, and outdoor sitting areas in the house. Destination Furniture is your one stop shop for long lasting and premium outdoor patio furniture in Oakville. There are any different types of materials used to build patio furniture.

Durable Patio Furniture in Oakville:

At Destination Furniture, we only carry patio furniture which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and low maintenance. Some of the most common materials used for patio furniture are;

  • Plastic, Resin and Polymer
  • Steel
  • Die cast Aluminum
  • Rattan or Wicker
  • Wood
  • Wrought Iron

For our customers, we only offer best of best patio furniture. We offer patio furniture made from die-cast aluminum. It is light weight and can stand the test of time. Aluminum furniture is affordable and low maintenance. It is however heavier than plastic and rattan patio furniture. For long term protection, wax or mineral oil coating is recommended.

Rattan or Wicker furniture is one of the most popular choice for outdoor furniture by Oakville homeowners. This type of furniture has modern yet cottage feel to it. It comes in many colors and styles. It is versatile to be placed on decks and inside sunrooms and porches. They are also lightweight and durable which makes them a great choice for homes in Oakville.

Another patio furniture option we offer is wood furniture. This is one of the high-priced patio furniture. We carry patio furniture made from cedar, pine, teak and eucalyptus. Outdoor wood patio furniture also requires periodical maintenance. A preservative coating will prevent long term insect and weather damage.

We carry outdoor sofa sets, sectionals, and table sets in various sizes, colors and materials for your Oakville homes. We also offer umbrellas and shades which can be installed over tables to provide the cool and comfort during warm sunny days.

Outdoor Fire pits:

Outdoor fire pits complete the whole camping ambience in your own backyard. These fire pits are one of the most trending outdoor and backyard accessories in Oakville. We carry various types of outdoor fire pits. Many people come to us looking to buy one, and our knowledgeable and friendly staff guides them to the one which is right for their home and family needs. One of the first questions we ask is do they want an in-the-ground or over-the-ground fire pit? We carry both types of fire pits in our showroom. Fire pits with a raised profile are safer when you have young kids as they are usually covered with a lid and can be used in smaller space. Also, they are quick to set up and use with minimal labor and effort required. In-ground fire pits have better flame heat and views. Sometimes, these fire pits need additional surrounding by paving stones or other fire block materials. This ensures the safety of your and your neighbors.

Additional outdoor accessories:

We offer also additional fire pit accessories. These accessories will keep your fire pits safe from weather elements and prolong its useful life. We also offer wind barriers for some of our stand-alone fire pits. These wind barriers keep the flame burning and prevent small hands touching any hot surfaces. We offer warranty packages for types of fire pits. For more information about warranty and return policies please contact our showroom staff.

For our outdoor furniture, we offer variety of cushions in bright colors. We also offer custom upholstery option for all your outdoor furniture needs. We offer great shipping rates, extended warranties on all our outdoor patio furniture in Oakville.

To view our latest collection please visit our website and our showroom located in Oakville

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