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leather furniture

Quality leather furniture adds a classic look to any room instantly. Destination Furniture has been a leader in providing quality providing and modern designs for leather furniture in Burlington and Mississauga.

There are many different types of leather furniture available at Destination Furniture. From sectionals to sofas to recliners and headboards, we have wide variety of leather furniture catering. Our furniture appeals to all kinds of customers in Mississauga and Burlington.

To appease customers with all types of budgets we have leather furniture in a variety of price ranges. There are many types of leather grains which are used to make a piece of furniture.  Full grain leathers are only used to make personalized and unique furniture items. As this leather has natural marks such as scratches and stretch marks, this type of leather is preferred by people who want to own a piece of furniture which is deeply personal to them.

On a more public scale, the top quality leather used to make long lasting furniture pieces is called top grain. This leather is the most durable and strong. Sofas and other types of furniture which are used a lot by people are made from this type of leather. Of course as this is top quality leather so price tag is also high. Furniture made from top grain leather lasts for long period of time in excellent condition and it adds a timeless class to any room of your house and office. Destination Furniture offer many leather furniture pieces made from “top grain” leather for ultimate comfort and top durability. Many pieces of furniture are proudly made in Canada which also ensures the best quality leather and craftsmanship is used to make every item. All types of leather furniture can be viewed, purchased and delivered to any place in Mississauga and Burlington.

Split grain is another type of leather used to make furniture. It is the leather from the back side of the animal. The leather from back side is thicker so it is “split” to make create a piece of leather. It comes with its own imperfections but it is less costly then “top grain”.

There are also types of leather finishes with one of the most advertised one is the bonded leather. It also is one of the most popular low costs for leather furniture in Mississauga and Burlington. This bonded leather is a synthetic material containing polyurethane (PU) with leather shavings sprayed on it.  Bonded leather with its coating with leather shavings makes it appear like real leather. This type of leather furniture can be mass produced, looks great but has low durability and longevity.

Destination furniture has one of the largest showrooms of leather furniture in Mississauga and Burlington.  They offer many deals and savings to their customers. Leather furniture is durable, beautiful and classic.

We also have many new, unique and modern leather furniture displayed in showrooms. Destination Furniture delivers all over Mississauga and Burlington. Visit us today to get the best prices and choices for all types for furniture.

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